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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Regional Weather Network


Temperature [ F° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ mph ] Rain [ in ] Barometer [ inHg ] Baro Trend

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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Ontario Wawa--7 C-9 C85%2 kmh NENE20.0 mm1011.7 hPaRising Rapidly
Illinois AlmaMistMist25 F20 F81%0 mph NN0.00 in30.19 inHgSteady
Illinois BataviaMistMist18 F13 F80%0 mph NNWNNW0.00 in30.36 inHgFalling
Illinois BloomingtonMistMist18 F17 F96%6 mph NN60.00 in30.30 inHgSteady
Illinois BourbonnaisMistMist19 F16 F88%0 mph WNWWNW0.00 in30.35 inHgSteady
Illinois CentraliaMistMist23 F21 F91%0 mph NN0.00 in30.31 inHgSteady
Illinois DanvilleMistMist16 F13 F87%0 mph NENE0.00 in29.09 inHgSteady
Illinois Joliet-2MistMist19 F17 F92%0 mph NNWNNW0.00 in30.33 inHgSteady
Illinois Joliet-3MistMist17 F15 F92%0 mph NNENNE0.00 in30.25 inHgSteady
Illinois MahometMistMist17 F15 F92%0 mph NNENNE0.00 in30.35 inHgSteady
Illinois MilanMistMist18 F18 F98%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in30.36 inHgSteady
Illinois MorrisMistMist19 F16 F89%2 mph NWNW20.00 in30.35 inHgSteady
Illinois MorrisonMistMist14 F12 F91%0 mph NN0.00 in30.37 inHgSteady
Illinois MulkeytownClearClear25 F21 F86%2 mph NNWNNW0.00 in30.28 inHgSteady
Illinois PeotoneClearClear17 F13 F85%2 mph NN0.00 in30.36 inHgSteady
Illinois TowandaMistMist15 F13 F90%2 mph NNWNNW20.00 in30.42 inHgSteady
Chicago W Rogers ParkMistMist23 F20 F88%0 mph WSWWSW30.00 in30.28 inHgSteady
Indiana EvansvilleClearClear27 F21 F75%2 mph NNWNNW60.00 in30.19 inHgSteady
Indiana MishawakaOvercastOvercast27 F25 F90%2 mph NN50.00 in30.33 inHgSteady
Iowa Carter LakeMistMist14 F10 F86%0 mph NN0.00 in30.44 inHgSteady
Iowa DavenportMistMist22 F19 F90%0 mph SWSW0.00 in30.46 inHgSteady
Iowa Des MoinesClearClear20 F17 F88%0 mph WW0.00 in30.37 inHgSteady
Iowa GarnerFogFog21 F21 F100%3 mph WW30.00 in30.28 inHgSteady
Iowa MadridMistMist18 F16 F91%0 mph WNWWNW0.00 in30.38 inHgSteady
Iowa OlinMistMist18 F16 F92%0 mph WNWWNW0.00 in30.30 inHgSteady
Iowa VintonMistMist19 F17 F93%2 mph SSESSE0.00 in30.33 inHgFalling Slowly
Kansas LenexaClearClear27 F19 F71%1 mph NENE10.00 in30.34 inHgSteady
Kansas McLouthMistMist25 F19 F76%0 mph ENEENE0.00 in30.44 inHgSteady
Kentucky Bowling GreenClearClear33 F30 F87%1 mph NNENNE50.00 in30.20 inHgSteady
Kentucky Crab OrchardClearClear31 F21 F73%4 mph NN50.00 in30.50 inHgSteady
Kentucky FairdaleFew CloudsFew Clouds29 F22 F75%2 mph NNENNE40.00 in30.22 inHgSteady
Kentucky FrankfortClearClear26 F21 F83%0 mph NN0.00 in30.20 inHgSteady
Kentucky GeorgetownClearClear26 F22 F86%0 mph NNENNE0.00 in30.34 inHgSteady
Kentucky Rineyville-36 F26 F66%2 mph NNWNNW20.00 in30.19 inHgSteady
Kentucky WilliamsburgOvercastOvercast33 F32 F97%1 mph WSWWSW70.00 in30.21 inHgSteady
Michigan Big BayFreezing FogFreezing Fog20 F18 F94%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in30.19 inHgSteady
Michigan CheboyganOvercastOvercast29 F26 F87%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in30.19 inHgSteady
Michigan East TawasOvercastOvercast29 F25 F85%0 mph WNWWNW0.00 in30.29 inHgSteady
Michigan HerseyOvercastOvercast25 F22 F91%1 mph NWNW0.00 in30.23 inHgFalling Slowly
Michigan IrontonOvercastOvercast27 F23 F85%3 mph SSWSSW0.00 in30.20 inHgSteady
Michigan Rogers CityOvercastOvercast29 F26 F86%5 mph WW50.00 in30.19 inHgSteady
Michigan Sand PointOvercastOvercast29 F23 F80%2 mph NNWNNW20.00 in30.23 inHgSteady
Michigan Sterling HeightsOvercastOvercast26 F24 F90%0 mph NNENNE0.00 in30.22 inHgFalling Slowly
Minnesota Coon RapidsClearClear15 F11 F84%0 mph SS0.00 in30.28 inHgSteady
Minnesota EdinaMistMist15 F13 F91%2 mph SWSW50.00 in30.32 inHgSteady
Minnesota Hollandale-13 F10 F87%0 mph WW0.00 in30.16 inHgSteady
Minnesota MadeliaMistMist18 F16 F91%1 mph WW30.00 in30.33 inHgSteady
Minnesota RobbinsdaleMistMist15 F13 F91%2 mph SSESSE20.00 in30.27 inHgSteady
Minnesota Saginaw Offline
Minnesota ZumbrotaFogFog10 F8 F92%0 mph NNWNNW0.00 in30.32 inHgSteady
Missouri FultonPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy15 F13 F91%0 mph NN0.00 in30.37 inHgSteady
Missouri Jackson Offline
Missouri LebanonClearClear21 F16 F79%0 mph NNWNNW0.00 in30.31 inHgSteady
Missouri OFallonFew CloudsFew Clouds21 F18 F87%0 mph NWNW0.00 in30.38 inHgSteady
Missouri Rea Offline
Missouri TrimblePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy24 F21 F89%0 mph ENEENE0.00 in30.40 inHgSteady
Nebraska FriendClearClear18 F15 F89%3 mph WNWWNW30.00 in30.40 inHgSteady
Nebraska Lincoln Offline
Nebraska Nebraska CityClearClear14 F11 F87%0 mph NN0.00 in30.44 inHgSteady
Ohio AvonPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy19 F14 F83%0 mph SSESSE0.00 in30.24 inHgSteady
Ohio Blue Rock Offline
Ohio GroveportClearClear20 F16 F85%0 mph NNWNNW0.00 in30.24 inHgSteady
Ohio HamiltonClearClear23 F19 F84%0 mph NN0.00 in30.27 inHgSteady
Ohio LancasterDryDry23 F16 F73%0 mph NN0.00 in30.22 inHgSteady
Ohio Liberty TownshipClearClear24 F20 F86%1 mph NNENNE10.00 in30.27 inHgSteady
Ohio New AlbanyClearClear14 F11 F85%0 mph NENE0.00 in30.24 inHgSteady
Ohio Newton FallsPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy17 F13 F84%0 mph NN0.00 in30.24 inHgSteady
Wisconsin AthelstaneMistMist11 F11 F98%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in30.21 inHgSteady
Wisconsin CrandonPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy15 F12 F88%0 mph EE10.00 in30.48 inHgSteady
Wisconsin De PereClearClear18 F17 F93%3 mph SS40.00 in30.28 inHgSteady
Wisconsin DeSotoClearClear19 F17 F95%0 mph SWSW0.00 in30.23 inHgFalling Slowly
Wisconsin Green BayClearClear18 F18 F99%0 mph SSWSSW0.00 in29.52 inHgSteady
Wisconsin MaustonMistMist13 F12 F93%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in30.26 inHgSteady
Wisconsin PloverPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy12 F8 F83%5 mph SWSW50.00 in30.25 inHgSteady
Wisconsin Sun PrairieMistMist18 F16 F90%0 mph WSWWSW0.00 in30.32 inHgSteady
Wisconsin WaupacaClearClear13 F11 F89%0 mph SS0.00 in30.28 inHgSteady
Wisconsin WinterMistMist11 F8 F86%0 mph SESE0.00 in30.28 inHgSteady

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

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