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 HENNEPIN  -  Wind Advisory Wind Advisory  

Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the Regional Weather Network


Temperature [ F° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ mph ] Rain [ in ] Barometer [ inHg ] Baro Trend

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Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend
Ontario Wawa-10 C9 C93%14 kmh ENEENE168.4 mm1004.5 hPaFalling Slowly
Illinois AlmaClearClear53 F42 F66%5 mph SS0.46 in29.59 inHgSteady
Illinois BataviaMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy52 F39 F61%0 mph SSWSSW0.36 in29.53 inHgFalling
Illinois BloomingtonClearClear52 F40 F63%15 mph SSWSSW150.46 in29.60 inHgSteady
Illinois BourbonnaisPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy53 F42 F66%6 mph WSWWSW80.02 in29.60 inHgSteady
Illinois CentraliaClearClear54 F44 F68%0 mph SWSW0.34 in29.73 inHgSteady
Illinois DanvilleClearClear55 F41 F59%1 mph SS30.50 in29.60 inHgSteady
Illinois Joliet-2ClearClear53 F41 F63%5 mph SWSW70.06 in29.56 inHgSteady
Illinois Joliet-3ClearClear54 F42 F65%2 mph WW20.03 in29.47 inHgSteady
Illinois MahometFew CloudsFew Clouds55 F42 F61%7 mph SWSW110.27 in29.65 inHgSteady
Illinois MilanMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy51 F42 F70%2 mph SSESSE250.51 in29.57 inHgSteady
Illinois MorrisPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy52 F42 F69%4 mph SSWSSW40.10 in29.56 inHgSteady
Illinois PeotoneClearClear52 F39 F63%10 mph SS0.06 in29.61 inHgSteady
Illinois TowandaClearClear11 F6 F68%8 mph SWSW114.30 in1004.60 inHgSteady
Chicago W Rogers ParkFew CloudsFew Clouds55 F38 F53%6 mph WSWWSW90.08 in29.53 inHgSteady
Indiana EvansvilleFew CloudsFew Clouds62 F57 F84%4 mph SSWSSW80.00 in29.71 inHgRising
Indiana MishawakaClearClear55 F45 F69%4 mph WW100.26 in29.65 inHgSteady
Iowa Carter LakeOvercastOvercast47 F40 F76%7 mph WSWWSW30.07 in29.73 inHgRising Slowly
Iowa DavenportMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy52 F44 F74%18 mph SSWSSW380.71 in29.57 inHgSteady
Iowa MadridPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy46 F44 F93%4 mph SWSW90.98 in29.47 inHgRising Slowly
Iowa OlinWindyWindy49 F45 F85%26 mph WSWWSW330.44 in29.35 inHgSteady
Iowa VintonMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy46 F43 F89%9 mph SWSW0.70 in29.36 inHgSteady
Kansas LenexaOvercastOvercast51 F40 F66%3 mph WSWWSW40.10 in29.78 inHgRising Slowly
Kansas McLouth-49 F40 F73%9 mph WW160.02 in29.89 inHgSteady
Kentucky Bowling GreenOvercastOvercast62 F62 F100%1 mph WSWWSW20.11 in29.86 inHgSteady
Kentucky Crab Orchardlight Drizzlelight Drizzle61 F61 F98%1 mph SWSW30.25 in30.26 inHgSteady
Kentucky FairdaleOvercastOvercast62 F52 F69%5 mph EE120.03 in29.77 inHgSteady
Kentucky FrankfortMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy62 F59 F91%5 mph SS0.17 in29.76 inHgSteady
Kentucky GeorgetownStopped RainingStopped Raining62 F60 F92%6 mph SWSW50.19 in29.90 inHgSteady
Kentucky RineyvilleOvercastOvercast60 F56 F88%1 mph SS20.06 in29.88 inHgRising Slowly
Kentucky WilliamsburgMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy61 F61 F98%3 mph SESE70.35 in29.90 inHgFalling Slowly
Michigan Big BayOvercastOvercast54 F53 F97%0 mph SSESSE0.75 in29.28 inHgSteady
Michigan CheboyganMistMist53 F52 F96%0 mph ESEESE0.14 in29.46 inHgFalling Slowly
Michigan East Tawaslight Rainlight Rain54 F52 F94%17 mph SSESSE0.28 in29.62 inHgSteady
Michigan HerseyPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy55 F50 F86%5 mph SS0.28 in29.46 inHgSteady
Michigan IrontonMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy57 F46 F66%0 mph SSESSE0.18 in29.43 inHgSteady
Michigan Rogers CityOvercastOvercast53 F52 F97%4 mph SSESSE100.36 in29.52 inHgSteady
Michigan Sand PointOvercastOvercast57 F52 F83%13 mph SS130.03 in29.54 inHgSteady
Michigan Sterling HeightsOvercastOvercast60 F58 F91%5 mph WNWWNW30.15 in29.60 inHgSteady
Minnesota Coon RapidsOvercastOvercast46 F44 F90%0 mph SSESSE1.00 in29.14 inHgRising Slowly
Minnesota EdinaOvercastOvercast47 F44 F92%0 mph NN30.97 in29.15 inHgSteady
Minnesota HollandaleRainRain44 F38 F81%8 mph WW51.08 in29.00 inHgSteady
Minnesota Madelia-42 F40 F91%5 mph WNWWNW231.23 in29.23 inHgSteady
Minnesota RobbinsdaleOvercastOvercast47 F44 F91%2 mph ESEESE41.06 in29.10 inHgRising Slowly
Minnesota ZumbrotaOvercastOvercast44 F43 F93%0 mph SS1.57 in29.11 inHgSteady
Missouri FultonOvercastOvercast52 F42 F68%0 mph WSWWSW1.01 in29.71 inHgRising Slowly
Missouri JacksonClearClear52 F27 F37%2 mph NN10.80 in29.23 inHgRising Slowly
Missouri LebanonMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy54 F35 F49%4 mph SWSW41.27 in29.84 inHgSteady
Missouri OFallonFew CloudsFew Clouds53 F43 F67%3 mph SWSW70.46 in29.72 inHgRising Slowly
Missouri ReaOvercastOvercast47 F42 F80%13 mph SSWSSW230.13 in29.73 inHg--
Missouri TrimbleOvercastOvercast49 F41 F73%0 mph NN30.19 in29.80 inHgRising Slowly
Nebraska FriendFew CloudsFew Clouds46 F35 F65%21 mph NWNW230.00 in29.82 inHgSteady
Nebraska LincolnPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy47 F39 F75%0 mph NWNW0.01 in29.81 inHgRising Slowly
Nebraska Nebraska CityOvercastOvercast47 F40 F76%5 mph WW60.07 in29.73 inHgRising Slowly
Ohio Avon-63 F59 F87%6 mph SS140.08 in29.70 inHgSteady
Ohio Crestline-60 F58 F93%0 mph SWSW80.49 in29.74 inHgSteady
Ohio GroveportPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy62 F60 F93%4 mph ESEESE20.14 in29.76 inHgSteady
Ohio Hamilton-62 F57 F84%4 mph SSESSE0.09 in29.76 inHgRising
Ohio Lancasterlight Rainlight Rain62 F59 F92%0 mph SSESSE0.08 in29.76 inHgFalling slowly
Ohio Liberty TownshipOvercastOvercast62 F58 F87%1 mph SWSW20.15 in29.73 inHgSteady
Ohio New Albanylight Rainlight Rain60 F59 F95%2 mph SSWSSW40.15 in29.75 inHgSteady
Ohio Newton FallsOvercastOvercast65 F52 F62%0 mph NN0.00 in29.74 inHgSteady
Wisconsin AthelstaneFew CloudsFew Clouds50 F44 F80%0 mph WSWWSW0.79 in29.37 inHgSteady
Wisconsin De PerePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy50 F47 F89%2 mph SSWSSW20.26 in29.40 inHgSteady
Wisconsin DeSotoStopped RainingStopped Raining48 F46 F91%2 mph SS91.12 in29.13 inHgSteady
Wisconsin Green Baylight Rainlight Rain50 F50 F99%0 mph WNWWNW0.22 in28.69 inHgSteady
Wisconsin MaustonOvercastOvercast49 F43 F78%7 mph SS40.64 in29.32 inHgFalling Slowly
Wisconsin Park FallsOvercastOvercast46 F44 F93%0 mph SS0.51 in29.26 inHgSteady
Wisconsin PloverPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy47 F40 F76%12 mph SS120.31 in29.32 inHgSteady
Wisconsin Sun PrairieOvercastOvercast50 F41 F72%2 mph SSWSSW30.22 in29.36 inHgSteady
Wisconsin WaupacaClearClear48 F44 F85%0 mph WW0.44 in29.30 inHgSteady
Wisconsin West BendOvercastOvercast49 F38 F64%2 mph NN120.13 in29.83 inHgSteady
Wisconsin WinterOvercastOvercast47 F41 F82%2 mph SSESSE0.51 in29.25 inHgSteady

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

Member stations of the Regional Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the Regional Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

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